Pre / Post Construction Termite Control

Pre Construction Termite Control Services, Post Construction Termite Control Services Provider at reasonable price we have counted as one of the preferred service providers of our clients in saudi arebia , dubai and bharain. The chemicals used in our service range are eco friendly and approved from the authorized government.

Termite may harm our home slowly and steadily from within the cracked walls and the foundation. You will never realize the damage they are causing to your home, commercial places and the other wooden fixtures until and unless you call a pest exterminator to do an inspection before treating the home with termiticide. But, if you are about to build a new home then don’t wait till you complete your building and then treat it with termiticides. Instead, opt for a pre construction anti termite treatment that will destroy the termite infestation before the building is made or completed.

Termites usually enter the buildings through the foundation by building mud tunnels within or over the walls. That’s why, the sides and the bottom surface of the foundation are filled with termiticides so that, these wood eating pests die.

We also provide Pre/post Construction Termite Treatment Services which is highly reliable and are largely provided on large market scale. With apply environment friendly chemicals to provided permanent solutions against termites. Our services are highly reliable, effective and do not harm woods.

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