House Mouse / Rodent Control

Rats and mice are so closely linked to man. Man supplies their three basic needs: food, shelter, and water.Rodents are dangerous pests at home. Infamous for carrying deadly diseases and contaminating food in the kitchen, rats are not creates health problem but they are known to damage electronics, household appliances, wiring etc.

Rodents can be found in our homes, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, super markets, Office Facilities, Pharmaceutical, Clinics, Food and Manufacturing, Offshore Marine and Ports and farm fields. Warehouses, grain mills, elevators, silos and corncribs are especially vulnerable to rodent infestation. They are mainly active at night.

The best method for rodent control is exclusion method. Restrict the entry points of rats by simple modifications in the structure. Rat guard is the best solution from preventing rats to climb up to your house. These Rat guards are fixed on sewer, drainage, cctv cables and gas pipe lines. Premium quality powder coated and non corrosive metal sheet is used for rat guard.

We Provide House Mouse / Rodent ( Norway Rate, Roof Rate, )  Control in, any where that you want.

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