Water Tank Cleaning

(Both Underground tank and over head tank)


It is important to clean and disinfect storage tank regulary (for example, every 6 months) or after any rehabilation or maintenance work. It is a scientific fact that whenever water is stored, bacteria grow.If left untreated , they become Algae/Fungi (Kayee) which are detrimental to health and contaminate the water,
As per WHO 70% of the total diseases are Water-Born,Cholera, Dengue, Typhoid , Jauandice (Hepatitis A), Skin diseases and hundred of other diseases are because of consumption of contaminate water which we are not aware of storage. Hence cleaning of Water tank is necessary.

Cleaning is an attitude , It’s an individual subject cleaning of tank is a basic necessity.
Today everybody is concern about clean and safe water but nobody bother about cleaning of water tanks on regular basis.


1)  Top covers of Tanks will be opened for 30 Minutes to releasing any type of Gas or Smell.
2)  Generator (Suction Pump) will be start for removing water from tank to drain near main hole/Gutter.
3)  Company’s uniformed Person/Labour go inside tank through Metal ladder to cleaning 4 walls, floor and roof of tank through brushes, Scraper, Wipers and Clothes with wearing long boots, Safety Helmet, Gloves, Goggles and carry emergency light.
4)  1- 2 /Labour will be stay near Generator (Suction Pump) and waiting for guidelines by 2 Persons/Labour they already working inside tank.
5)  Muddy Water will be pumped out and drain it near Main hole/Gutter.
6)  Some quantity of Fresh/Clean water put in Tank for repeat the cleaning of 4 Walls, floor and roof of tank.
7)  Muddy water will be pumped out again and drain it near Main hole/Gutter.
8)  Finally solution of Potassium Paramagnet (KMnO4) will be moped at all 4 Walls, Floor and Roof Tanks.

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