Fly Control Management

German Fumigation Fly affect human welfare because they can transmit diseases. Flies such as the common house fly are classified as filth flies because they breed in rotten food, manure, and garbage. A fly can mature from egg to adult in as few as ten days. This quick maturity can cause a severe fly problem in a short period of time. Getting rid of flies long term begins with proper sanitation. and exclusion.

Your fly control program may include fly light trapping service. Our slim profile insect lights use ultraviolet bulbs to attract flies. Once inside the light fixture, flies stick to a non-toxic glue board and are unable to escape. Flies trapped inside are not visible from the outside of the fly light. The glue board traps are replaced on a regular basis by our technicians. There are a variety of fly light styles available to suit your needs. Fly lights can range from industrial-looking fixtures with shatter-proof bulbs, to more attractive lights designed to blend in with the interior décor.


Flies can regularly be found in homes and businesses across the USA. Some species are more common than others and are attracted to different environments suited to their natural habits and lifecycle. Flies are a common invader in homes and commercial accounts. But they are more than a nuisance. Flies land and feed on filth one moment and food and food preparation areas the next.

Fly Light Service is also available

The best way to avoid problems with fruit flies is to eliminate sources of attraction. The first step is proper sanitation so you can eliminate any breeding sources. All stages of fruit fly infestations depend on organic debris to complete the complete fruit fly cycle. Whenever possible, food and materials on which fruit flies can lay their eggs must be removed. Killing adult fruit flies will reduce infestation, but elimination of fruit fly breeding areas is necessary for good management. Once a structure is infested with fruit flies, all potential breeding areas must be located and eliminated.

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