Roof Waterproofing Services

German Fumigation Reduce ongoing maintenance costs by commercial waterproofing your roof, building and foundation. Damage caused by severe weather can harm your business. Waterproofing reduces your chances of getting leaks, which can interrupt the flow of your operations while forcing you to pay for expensive repairs. Protect your roof. Protect your foundation. Protect your building. Every penny you invest in protecting your commercial property on the front end pays off in spades later by allowing you to skip ongoing, costly repairs.

We provide services for high-rises, condos, retail buildings, hotels, schools, offices and more. If you own a commercial property of any kind, we can help and offers a different variety of waterproofing products from a single component to two components. We have waterproofing in acrylic, cementitious, elastomeric, PUD, epoxy and polyurethane. Highly elastomeric terrace waterproofing system for concrete & masonry substrates. We also deal in protecting industrial metal sheds, terrace, roofs & water tanks.

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We Waterproof Just About Anything

A waterproofed roof is very important if you own a commercial building. However, it’s not the only thing that needs protection. To ensure your building is as safe as possible, we recommend waterproofing the following components as well. Reach out to us if you have any questions.

Water Tanks & Fire Suppression Tanks
Concrete tanks can crack if they are not properly protected from the water they contain. We prepare your concrete tanks by waterproofing the joints, which are the most vulnerable to developing water damage.

Decks, Driveways, & Walkways
Along with your roof, few surfaces get more abuse from water than decks, driveways, and walkways. That’s because they are under constant exposure to the sun and rain. We install a top layer of waterproofing material that prevents slipping, structural damage, and other problems caused by water.

Planter Boxes
Those boxes with plants and flowers look beautiful! But are they properly waterproofed? We’ll line the inside of your planter boxes and then treat the exterior of the boxes with a clear acrylic sealant. This ensures your building remains dry and damage free.

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