Pre / Post Construction Termite Control

German Fumigation Pre Construction Termite Control Services, Post Construction Termite Control Services Provider at reasonable price we have counted as one of Termite may harm our home slowly and steadily from within the cracked walls and the foundation. You will never realize the damage they are causing to your home, commercial places and the other wooden fixtures until and unless you call a pest exterminator to do an inspection before treating the home with termiticide.

This treatment prior to the cement is the first phase.  A full soil treatment is done in stages, with the final phase of the application completed after the house is finished being built and the landscaping is done (Post-Construction Treatment).

Our Recommendation:

German Fumigation Pest Control, we view Wood Pretreatment as an additional service that is beneficial for keeping pests from intruding into the wood of the home, but it does not protect the area around and outside of the house from termite infestations.

Post-Construction Termite Treatment

Termite inspection if you have any suspicions. Our standard post-construction treatment is a liquid treatment that provides a continuous barrier around your home and has a 10-year warranty option available. Some benefits of a baiting system are that it is minimally invasive to the homeowner’s property no drilling is required through the slab or other areas.  Also, some homes have tricky situations where certain locations are inaccessible so a complete “barrier” cannot be made with a conventional liquid treatment. If you go for a post-construction anti termite treatment, it will be too late because the termites must have already started doing some sort of destruction to the foundation, walls or the wooden attachments in your home. But if you go for a pre construction treatment, it will help you eradicate the termite infestation from its root, and will prevent your building from further infestation.

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